SOLVE THE PUZZLE AND WIN 4 tickets to space oasis music festival!

SOLVE THE PUZZLE AND WIN 4 tickets to space oasis music festival!




The Game

Embark on an exhilarating journey of wit and cunning as you navigate through a maze of enigmas and challenges. With each puzzle you solve, a new layer of the game unveils itself, testing your patience, teasing your intellect, and rewarding your keen sense of discovery. Get ready to unravel cryptic codes, decode hidden messages, and uncover the secrets that pave your way to victory. 

Here are some hints to get you started…

We recommend that you bookmark each level as you may need to go back later on to look for clues you missed, which are connected to more advanced levels in the game. We also recommend you keep detailed notes. You’re gonna need them.

Some external websites will need to be accessed in order to progress through the game. Certain websites will be given to you, others you will need to figure out on your own. All passwords you will be required to enter during the game should be typed entirely lowercase. Make sure you don’t have CAPS lock on!

This game requires a laptop or desktop computer to play, as well as a smart phone with a QR code scanner. Most of the game must be played on a laptop or desktop computer, however, as it is designed to take advantage of larger screen. Plus, the Space-Oasis website looks infinitely better on a bigger screen, anyway. 😛

The Rules

  1. Participants are prohibited from attempting to access the website’s backend. Any such attempt will trigger our firewall to block the respective IP address immediately, ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of the game.
  2. Respectful conduct is expected at all times. Harassment, abusive language, or any behavior deemed inappropriate will result in disqualification.
  3. Participants should refrain from sharing personal or sensitive information during the game. All interactions should be kept to the context of the puzzles.

  4. Participants are welcome to provide feedback or report any technical issues encountered during the game to ensure a smooth and fair gameplay experience.

  5. The winner will be contacted by email. Any tickets awarded as prizes are non-transferable or valid for resale.

* A valid name and email address is required to play, as we will be emailing you the link to the first puzzle.