Frequently asked questions

General Event Questions

Space Oasis is more than a campout event; it’s a journey into a realm where the best in electronic dance music, art, and good people converge. We take pride in curating an inclusive, non-cliquey atmosphere where incredible music meets incredible people. 

June 28th – 30th, 2024

Justisen Ranch / Grass Valley, OR

Mostly electronic dance music, however, we don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves into one type of music at our events.

For example, in the mornings when we open up the beach stage, we start with chill, downtempo as well as reggae to get the day started right. By noon, we shift into groovy house music, the type you’d hear at a pool party with a Mai Tai in hand (think Miguel Migs / Disclosure). Most of the daytime music, we keep pretty chill/groovy so that it compliments the social activity going on at the beach.

When we open up the night stage, we go harder. Progressive house, tech-house, techno, breaks, trance, dubstep, drum and bass… you name it.  Honestly, we’re into GOOD MUSIC no matter the genre, but you can guarantee that at night we go hard in the paint.

Ultimately, we try to program our lineup so that the energy flows during the day in a way that doesn’t burn anyone out and keeps the energy escalating into the night and early morning, before we shut the music down for a few hours and start all over again.

Also, please know that we don’t book artificially inflated celebrity headliners. Most of our DJs are Pacific Northwest & California talent that we dig. We believe that you don’t need to go too far to hear world class music! Plus, this is 2024. There isn’t anything you’re gonna hear a celebrity headliner play that can’t be played by anyone else these days. In fact, sometimes non-celebritys work just a little bit harder to come across those musical “gems” that make some sets pure magic.

We understand you have a lot of choices these days, and in no way are we trying to compete with anyone else, especially the bigger events. With multi-million dollar budgets being tossed around at some of these behemoths, there really is no comparison. We highly recommend you try a few of them sometime!

We’ve been to most of the big festivals (we’ve actually played a few of them) and at some point we decided that we were tired of dealing with big crowds (this often happens after you hit your 30s). Thats when we started throwing parties for ourselves. Because we still love the music and love hearing it loud underneath the stars, but we’re also looking for something a little more… cozy.

Think of Space Oasis as a big 3-day campout in a gorgeous setting, with amazing music, specifically designed for you and 250 of your best friends. An alternative to some of these other events you’ve been going to for awhile that simply don’t make you feel the way they used to.

We can promise you this, and that is, everything we do we do with love and attention to detail with each and every attendee in mind. There’s still a wonderful intimacy that exists at our parties where everyone feels connected to the music, to the property we’re on and to each other. Because at a certain point when something gets too big, that sort of intimacy fades or gets completely lost along the way.

… and in a world where everything seems to increasingly be pulling us apart from one another; social & mainstream media, politics, religion, technology, etc… we can definitely use all the love and GENUINE human connection we can find.

(also… our tickets don’t cost 900 bucks. 😛 )

Yes! Space Oasis is an all ages event BUT anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or court-appointed legal guardian. Anyone under 18 years of age must check-in at the Box Office with their court appointed legal guardian to verify age and guardian’s documentation. A legal guardian must have a court issued Letters of Guardianship. No exceptions.

We are happy to have you as long as you are accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.

Allowed in the Campgrounds

  • Good Vibes
  • Camping Gear
  • Food and Water
  • A reasonable amount of alcohol for personal consumption
  • Coolers
  • Enclosed propane stoves
  • Cameras (*do remember to ask for consent before taking photos of people you don’t know)

Not Allowed in the Campgrounds

  • Sound systems
  • Weapons
  • Glass bottles or glass containers
  • Motorized vehicles for personal use
  • Pets 
  • Illegal drugs of any kind
  • Fireworks, fire tools or fire lanterns
  • Fires of any kind

Allowed in the Main Area

  • Good Vibes
  • Backpacks
  • Art Installations (you must register your installation)
  • Cameras
  • Reusable Water Bottles

Not Allowed in the Festival Grounds

  • Glass bottles or glass containers
  • Generators of any kind
  • Sound systems
  • Illegal drugs of any kind
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks, fire tools or fire lanterns
  • Pets
  • Fires


Space Oasis celebrates freedom of individual expression, and while we love all bodies, this is a family-friendly event. We ask that you at least wear a swimsuit at all times during the event.

Absolutely! Our events are family friendly, however, please note that Space Oasis is a loud event as well as in a hot desert environment. Plan accordingly. All kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at ALL TIMES. Kids under 12 are welcome to enter the event free of charge. Any children over 12 must have a ticket. Please email us at to let us know about any kids under 12 that will be in attendance. 

Unfortunately not. Space Oasis has a strict no pet rule that will be enforced. Documented service animals, who are trained to handle loud and active environments and are required for disability, are allowed. No emotional support animals allowed. If you have a service animal, please email to inquire about registering your documented service animal. Please keep in mind, it is illegal to fraudulently claim that your pet is a legitimate service animal.

Yes! The festival property has a medium sized lake on it that is available to use during the days (sorry, no lake access after dark for safety reasons). Please bring inner tubes, kayaks, rafts, squirt guns, etc. Get creative! The more wild the better! Please do no bring jet skis, boats, or any kind of motorized aquatic vehicle.

By attending Space Oasis Music Festival you consent to being filmed and or photographed, whereas your image, voice, and likeness may be used by Libra Rising Music for promotional purposes. Any photography or video taken at the Festival, whether in digital or analog format, is subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to Libra Rising Music for use in promotional purposes. Any artwork or performances taking place on Festival grounds is also subject to a mandatory, non-exclusive license to Libra Rising Music for use in promotional purposes.

WEEKEND Survival Guide

As with all festivals, it is best to be prepared for hot days, cold nights, possible wind, and potential rain. Please check the weather forecast while packing.

Yes, and plenty of it. The ranch we have the event on is in the desert of eastern Oregon, and during that time of the year it’s extremely hot and dry. Temperatures can get into the 90s/100s during the day, so we recommend drinking a gallon of water per day to avoid dehydration.

We will not be serving any food or drinks to the general public. We recommend bringing 3 days worth of food/beverages in coolers with plenty of ice!

(Pro-tip:  Before packing your cooler, get a couple of slabs of dry ice to put on the very bottom of the cooler before adding regular ice. This will keep your regular ice from melting all weekend!)

If you need to make an ice run, there is a general store in Grass Valley (the closest small town to the event) that sells it during normal daytime business hours.

Yes. We are planning on having about 10 of them, with a scheduled cleaning/dumping service on Saturday afternoon.

We know that camping for 3 days in the desert without a shower can be icky for some people. Unfortunately, the property we throw this event on doesn’t have any permanent bathrooms, which is why starting this year, we will be building a couple of temporary shower stalls for those who want to bring their own solar showers and stay clean over the weekend!

If you’ve never used a solar shower before, don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy and not expensive. Solar showers are available from places like Walmart, Target, or any outdoor/camping outlet (Dicks, REI, Cabelas, etc) for around 20 bux. You simply fill them up with water in the morning, lay them out on the ground during the day so that the sun heats the water up, and then by the afternoon, you have a few gallons of warm water to bathe with!

We know it’s not the 4 Seasons Hotel, but as seasoned campers/burners ourselves, we can tell you that it’s actually quite glorious when you want to rinse off and start your day fresh!

Also, just FYI, the lake is fed by a natural underground spring that is constantly flowing with fresh water, so going for a daytime swim isn’t a bad idea either!

Click here for some solar shower options on Amazon.

YES. Anywhere there is water in the summertime, there are mosquitos. BRING PLENTY OF BUG SPRAY.  Also we find that onesie’s make a great mosquito shield. 


Yes! We work with PayPal and Affirm to provide you with three, four, six or twelve month payment plan options. However, PayPal and Affirm both have their own conditions and requirements for approval based on their own set of standards and practices which we have no control over. 

That is correct! Libra Rising Music is committed to a zero ticket fee policy. However, if paying in installments, Affirm & PayPal may charge a small fee.

No, Space Oasis is meant to be experienced as a 3 day festival. Therefore, we don’t offer single day or two-day tickets at this time.

In the event Space Oasis Music Festival 2024 is rescheduled or postponed, your festival purchases will automatically be honored for the newly rescheduled date.

As stated in the terms and conditions, we do not provide any refunds or exchanges. If you can no longer attend the festival, we recommend you gift or sell your ticket to a friend or family member. In this instance, you and the purchaser of your resale ticket will need to contact us at in order to confirm the ticket transfer.

The best way to avoid ticket fraud is to buy directly from our website. If you buy resale tickets, we advise you to get them only from trusted friends. DO NOT purchase from scalpers. If you arrive at the venue with an illegitimate ticket, you will be turned away, and no refund will be provided.

Ambassador Program

When you sign up, we’ll equip you with an official ambassador card with a unique URL and affiliate code. This URL and code are specific to you and you alone. 

When someone scans the unique QR code on the front of your card or manually enters the link on the back into a browser, it puts a “cookie” on their device which communicates with our website. If a person purchases a ticket to Space Oasis with that particular device, it will track the sale back to you. Otherwise, they will need to use your unique affiliate code at checkout on any other device. This is how we are able to tell who’s associated with individual ticket sales.


Above is an example of the checkout page on a desktop or laptop computer where the affiliate code must be typed in. Please note that the code above is just an example and NOT your unique code.

For every friend who purchases a ticket based on your referral, you’ll receive $10 in cold, hard cash (paid via Venmo or PayPal). Additionally, the top ambassador (the person with the most *PAID* referrals) will receive a cash bonus after the event.


*Please note that your Ambassador Card is not a ticket to Space Oasis Music Festival. You will still need to purchase a ticket for entry (does not apply to DJs/performers). However, if you refer enough people who purchase tickets, you may be able to offset the entire cost of your ticket! Also, please be aware that we will *not* be discounting ticket prices based on your paid referrals. All referral commissions will be paid to you separately after the event is over.

Maybe, but here’s the problem… If you and 20 of your friends are ambassadors and you’re all posting your links on social media, and then you all have mutual friends who click on multiple links for multiple ambassadors, the system can no longer associate the sale with just one ambassador. This is why we also urge you to make sure you get your friends to use your unique affiliate code at checkout, because it’s the only true way of knowing who got the sale.

We recommend sharing your code IN PERSON with people instead of social media.

We will pay everyone once the event is over and the dust has settled a bit, probably 2 week(ish) or so after.

Yes. This is how we handle our payments and so anyone who participates needs to have one or the other. No exceptions.

No, Go nuts!  Or… at least until tickets are sold out!

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