Hey guys!  Today we’re thrilled to announce the winners from our DJ Audition / Meet & Greet event & the Triple Nickel Pub last weekend!
All DJs who performed were judged by the Space Oasis crew on music choice, stage presence, crowd reaction, mixing ability & general personality. We also had a jar full of crowd votes that we went through and counted one by one. It turns out that the crowd votes were very much in line with the votes of the Space Oasis crew, so we’d call these final winners all around unanimous!  Please know that everyone who performed was great, but unfortunately, we don’t have slots for 12 people this year.  We appreciate your effort, and we hope you still come out to Space Oasis this year to support.  That will be *definitely* be a part of the consideration for next year’s lineup.
We know that originally, we said we would be picking 3 winners, but we were so blown away by some of you that night, that we ended up picking 5 winners instead, all of which will get a slot at the event in June.
Here are the final winners in no particular order.
Mr. Relish
Lady Merkaba
Praying To Aliens
Congrats to all of you!

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